Multipurpose Primer for Flooring Substrates - 200SQM Coverage

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About Multipurpose Primer for Flooring Substrates - 200SQM Coverage

Multi-Purpose Primer (5L Makes 25L)

High-concentrate multi-substrate primer is a primer specifically formulated for self-leveling compounds and cements. It is suitable for internal and external areas as a primer for concrete, screed, particleboard, plywood, timber, slate and tile subfloors.

  • Package: 5L / 25L

  • Mixing Ratio: 1L Primer to 4L Water
  • Coverage: ≈ >200sqm / Single Coat
  • Drying Time: ≈ 20 minutes
  • Storage Time: ≈ 12 Months

Note: Each bottle covers around 200sqms for a single coat and 100sqm for a double coat. The bottle can be sealed for multiple uses in a 12 month period.

Note: Please use with matching FW Self Levelling Compound.


Usage Areas

Multi-Primer is multifunctional and can be used for internal and external applications alike, as well as being suitable for both porous surfaces (timber, masonite, yellow tongue, concrete) and non-porous surfaces (tiles, ceramics, marble).

Subfloor Preparation

The substrate must be dry, firm, free from contaminants e.g. oil, hollowing, cracks, sand, dust and grease, which could prevent adhesion. 

When applying to existing substrates, any residues of adhesive, levelling cement, loose particles should be removed and a thorough vacuum clean is required to achieve a non-contaminated surface prior to priming. Any weakness or potential future movement must be eliminated, such as through brushing, abrasion, grinding or shot-blasting. Thoroughly vacuum to remove loose material and dust. 

In the case of non-concrete substrates, such as timber or particleboards, the substrate should be completely fixed, stable and there should be no movement or future risk of movement between boards. Any loose boards need to be re-nailed and firmly fixed, and if required, polyurethane joint sealant or silicone should be applied prior to self levelling.

For a non-porous floor such as a glossy tile, coated surface, metal or yellow tongue, it is best practice to roughen the surface with a grinder and then thoroughly vacuum away any residue.

Primer Application Instructions

Multi-Primer is a concentrated primer that should be mixed with 4 parts water to 1 part primer. A full bottle of 5L primer should be mixed with 20L water, resulting in 25L of total primer. Once thoroughly mixed through with water, use a porous roller or brush to apply the mixture across the entire area, ensuring full coverage.

Use a roller or brush to apply the mixture across the entire area, ensuring full coverage. It is important to ensure the entire area is covered by primer and no gaps are left. Multi-Primer should be light blue in colour and become close to a transparent firm film when dried.

We always recommend two applications of primer with the second application in the opposite direction to the first. This is compulsory for absorbent concrete subfloors and will prevent pinholes and bubbling.

For each application, you should allow approximately 20 minutes for the primer to become a transparent and dry adhesive film prior to the next application (temperature and humidity dependent).

Multi-Primer is focused on health and safety. This primer can be safely applied without the need for protective equipment, providing convenience and peace of mind. However, if contact occurs with eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact a medical doctor for assistance.

Storage and Shelf Life

Multi-Primer can be stored for 12 months from date of manufacture. It should be stored in a dry area, off the ground and away from direct sunlight or frost.

If a barrel is opened, it should be closed as soon as possible and should be used within 6 months and must be installed in environments with relative humidity under 60%.

Product Specifications

0.5 - 2 Hours
49 - 51%
5 - 35 Degrees Celsius
Approximately 100sqm (with two coats), therefore 200sqm total application area.

5L (25L)

Note: 5L Concentrate is to be mixed with 20L of water, to make a total of 25L of primer.

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