Pencil Square - Pine Skirting Boards 2700mm (S3S Primed & Finger Jointed)

Size: 66mm
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About Pencil Square - Pine Skirting Boards 2700mm (S3S Primed & Finger Jointed)

Wall Skirting Boards

Our radiata pine skirting are manufactured from New Zealand radiata pine and is pre-primed and kiln dried to Australian Standards. Our finger-jointed mouldings present a diverse range of profiles, seamlessly blending contemporary and traditional styles.

New Zealand Radiata Pine is a lightweight yet robust timber species that offers exceptional durability, making PineSkirt easy to handle and work with. To achieve a flawless appearance, any natural knotty character or imperfections are meticulously removed. The finger-jointing technique is then applied, creating a seamless and sturdy construction.

A surface sanding follows, smoothing out finger-jointed joins and raised grains. To guarantee a high-quality finish, PineSkirt Mouldings receive two coats of white primer, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and providing a polished look for your interior spaces.

Skirting Installation Instructions


  • Prior to installation, store skirting mouldings inside the room where they will be installed to allow acclimatisation to the environment.
  • Keep the mouldings dry and elevated off the ground to prevent moisture absorption over time.
  • Stack the mouldings flat to avoid bending.

Cutting & Chiselling Skirting

  • When handling skirting boards, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, safety glasses, and respiratory protection equipment.
  • When cutting mouldings with a power or handheld saw, use sharp blades to prevent jagged edges.
  • If using a chisel, ensure it is sharp and well-maintained.
  • Prime and seal saw cuts to prevent moisture intake.

Nailing Skirting

  • Securely install mouldings by nailing and using construction adhesive glue.
  • If using a nail gun, adjust the depth to ensure the nail is slightly below the moulding surface.
  • Fill nail holes with a quality wood filler.

Sanding & Painting Skirting

  • Before painting, lightly sand the mouldings for an even coat and wipe off any dust or residue.
  • Apply one or two coats of your chosen top coat.

Product Specifications

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